A Scottish born filmer with a passion for travel, adventure & storytelling

a little about me

A Scottish born filmer with a passion for travel, adventure & storytelling. Learning my way around a camera through snowboarding from a young age has let me pursue my passion for travelling the world behind the lens.


A selection of my favourite shots from past projects.

Alex Treadway: Travel Photography

Alex Treadway is a British photographer with fifteen years extensive experience in the travel and documentary world. His work is widely published in various magazines including National Geographic and the acclaimed magazine GEO. Alex has just started working on a book about the forests of Europe, to be published in 2020.

Take A Trip - Helsinki

Finland has always interested me as a country...so last week I took a trip to visit some friends in Helsinki. City boat tours, mountain biking in the city, naked saunas, built a house and met new friends were just some of the things I got up to! What a place! So much so I am going back in 2 weeks!

Eeva Mäkenin

Eeva Mäkinen is a Finnish born photographer & wilderness guide from Liminka. Travelling the world in search of unique nature, while creating stories through her incredible still images, is only topped by her love of shooting in the breathtaking landscapes of Finland.


Ed Leigh

BBC Presenter /Olympic Commentator

Will Nangle is one of the hardest working camera men in snow business. He is a also a great snowboarder and communicator, two qualities that are essential when working in an alpine environment.


Tim Warwoods

Channel 4 / Redbull TV Host

Will is from the ‘filming with your mates in the outdoors whatever the weather’ filming school. Which means he’s proper battle hardened and can press record at the drop of a hat! Being able to roll with the punches whatever a shoot can throw at you is a huge asset, and apart from being rad at filming he’s also cool cat too! A real asset to the crew. First to get the coffees in as well!

Recent Partnerships

Will is really positive, social and professional with his work. From his snowboarding background, he's got a special eye and a lot of creativity.
Enni RukajärviEnni Rukajärvi  - Winter Olympic / X games medalist - Professional Athlete